Dana White tells Luke Rockhold to ‘stick to fighting and modeling’

The back and forth between Luke Rockhold and Dana White continues. Dana White and Luke Rockhold have been trading barbs recently, mostly stemming from the former champion’s thoughts about Georges St-Pierre skipping the line to get a middleweight title shot.
The UFC president addressed his comments, saying “nobody deserves anything”, and Rockhold has to “earn it”. Luke then immediately fired back on social media, saying the division needs some “clarity” and asked White to explain how the former welterweight champ in GSP “earned” his middleweight title shot.
The latest in the very public exchange, has come from White, who replied through twitter.
“Luke Rockhold I usually never respond but GSP never lost his title. Bisping, GSP and the fans wanted it. Stick to fighting and modeling and leave the matchmaking to us,” White wrote.

@LukeRockhold pic.twitter.com/3buw7twqEv— Dana White (@danawhite) May 16, 2017

Rockhold last fought in June 2016, when he lost his middleweight title to current champion, Michael Bisping.
Since then he has renewed his UFC contract after a brief monetary dispute, rehabbed injuries, and started what seems to be a pretty lucrative modeling career. With the middleweight title picture being muddied up, Rockhold even tried to fight Fabricio Werdum at heavyweight.

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Is Joanna Jedrzejczyk the greatest women’s fighter ever? Cris Cyborg weighs in

Joanna Jedrzejczyk is one win away from tying the record for most title defenses in UFC women’s history, but does that mean she’s the greatest WMMA fighter of all-time?

Jedrzejczyk’s dominance in the UFC strawweight division is unquestionable. The undefeated Polish star was not part of the reality show that crowned the UFC’s first 115-pound champion, but earned a shot at the gold after defeating Juliana Lima and Claudia Gadelha.

In March 2015, Jedrzejczyk mauled Carla Esparza to win the gold, starting her reign as UFC queen that already lasts two years and five title defenses.

After another one-sided victory at UFC 211, defeating heavy hitter Jessica Andrade in Dallas, Jedrzejczyk is in the discussion for the greatest female fighter ever, but Cris Cyborg, who has dominated her opponents for more than a decade, wouldn’t agree just yet.

“Joanna is a great athlete and an example of what the UFC machine can do in terms of promotion and marketing,” Cyborg told MMA Fighting. “Of my last five fights, three were on Fight Pass. Joanna fought once on Fight Pass, was on the TV show Ultimate Fighter, and she normally fights as co-main event under fighters like (Conor) McGregor and Ronda (Rousey). You can do a lot of marketing over any athlete, but I’m the only athlete, men or women, that finished 90 percent of her fights by knockout.”

“Who’s the best MMA fighter of all times, I always left that for fans to decide,” she continued. “Media can influence some fans, but the truth always appears, as it did with the American hero Ronda Rousey.”

Cyborg was campaigning to fight UFC featherweight champion Germaine de Randamie at UFC 214 in Anaheim, Calif., on July 29, but is currently “waiting for the UFC to find an opponent for me because they can’t put their champion in the Octagon with me.”

The Brazilian star celebrated the anniversary of her UFC debut last week, and is confident that she would’ve had broken Rousey’s record already if the promotion did things differently since day one.

“My UFC debut was a year ago, but, in reality, I’ve already fought five fights on my UFC contract,” Cyborg said. “If the UFC would’ve given me my belt just like they did with Ronda Rousey, I would have broken the record of title defenses already. I’m undefeated for 10 years and I’m a world champion, to take this title someone has to defeat me.”

It’s still unclear if the former Invicta FC and Strikeforce champion will in fact compete at UFC 214, but she is still 100 percent confident — and willing to fight anyone.

“My next step is to stay focused, training to finish my contract with the UFC,” Cyborg said. “After that, I’ll know what my next steps will be. (…) I want to finish my contract. Whoever they put in front of me, I’ll fight.

“I’d like to fight someone who’s ranked in my weight division, someone like Megan Anderson, but there’s no ranking anymore. To come off a win doesn’t mean you will get the opportunity to fight for the belt.”

As for Cat Zingano, who was reported as an option for Cyborg in Anaheim, the Brazilian didn’t sound so interested. But, again, she is open to facing anyone.

“Cat Zingano is a great athlete, she fought at 125, went to 135, (but) her last win was in 2014,” the Brazilian said. “Let’s go, I don’t pick opponents. Whoever comes.”

Asked to clarify what she means with “finishing her contract”, Cyborg, whose UFC deal expires in October, explained that her goal is to stay in the company.

“I’d like to stay in the UFC, but working together,” Cyborg said. “I believe I deserve to be respected as an athlete because I’m a pioneer in this sport.”

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How Stipe Miocic & Joanna Jedrzejczyk dominated at UFC 211 (Heavy Hands #159)

Connor Ruebusch and Patrick Wyman break down the dominant title defenses of Stipe Miocic and Joanna Jedrzejczyk at UFC 211, and analyze the other highlights of the card. At UFC 211, many thought that the two defending champions–Stipe Miocic and Joanna Jedrzejczyk–had a tough test on their hands. Junior Dos Santos had beaten Miocic once before, and Jessica Andrade seemed poised to follow up on the (admittedly limited) success of Jedrzejczyk’s last two opponents. Instead, the champs defended their belts with aplomb. For Miocic, it was his fourth first-round knockout in a row. For Jedrzejczyk, it was the most complete performance of her MMA career.
On this episode of Heavy Hands, we analyze the two title defenses and revisit the other meaningful scraps on this titanic card, including Demian Maia’s close win over Jorge Masvidal, Frankie Edgar’s domination of Yair Rodriguez, and the thrilling war between Dustin Poirier and Eddie Alvarez that ended too soon–in a No Contest.
To download this episode directly, just right-click and save this link.
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Morning Report: Michael Bisping responds to Dana White saying his fight with Georges St-Pierre is canceled

Earlier this year, the UFC announced that former welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre would be returning from a nearly four-year hiatus to challenge Michael Bisping for the middleweight title. No date was set but the fight was believed to be targeted for this summer. Then, Georges St-Pierre released a statement saying he wouldn’t be ready to fight until October at the earliest. St-Pierre’s delayed timeline seemed to not mesh with the UFC’s plans though, and last week UFC President Dana White claimed he was cancelling the fight between St-Pierre and Bisping and that instead Bisping would need to fight No. 1 contender Yoel Romero.

Yesterday, on his podcast Believe You Me, Bisping reacted to White’s threat to cancel the fight and gave an update on what he’s heard from White and the UFC.

“Honestly, it’s news to me. I haven’t heard anything about it. I reached out to Georges and he said he hasn’t heard anything officially either, and I still haven’t heard anything from the UFC or Dana White. I know that a lot of people are complaining about this potential delay with Georges, so we’ll see what happens.

“So yeah, to clarify, as of right now, no official word from the UFC. I haven’t heard anything and Georges is still hoping for it, I’m still hoping for it. I’ll say this, I was offered the fight twice. I was offered the fight in October and it never materialized. I was offered the fight in January or February and it did materialize and we had a press conference and we shook hands and we stood there in Las Vegas and we talked a bit of shit. So okay, I haven’t had a bout agreement but that is the plan. That was the offer and I accepted and I kind of feel that once a deal is made, we should stick to it.”

For his part, St-Pierre has speculated that this could be a negotiating tactic by White to try and force the former welterweight champion to move up his timeline. Bisping admits that that is a possibility but believes that it’s more likely that the UFC just needs to have their champions competing actively to fill pay-per-views.

“Maybe they need an active champion to fight sooner. I think that’s probably the top of it. I honestly don’t think they’re trying to put pressure on Georges. I think they need title fights on the pay-per-views, which I understand. I understand the frustrations from their side, just like a lot of the middleweight division are kind of frustrated. They need good title fights on their pay-per-views and waiting until November is a significant delay so I understand that. But like I said, we did have a deal so I’d like to speak with the UFC and find out what’s happening. “

Many people are frustrated with the delay, especially other ranked middleweights. At various points, Luke Rockhold, Yoel Romero, Chris Weidman, Gegard Mousasi, and Ronaldo Souza have all voiced discontent with Bisping having yet to face a top contender. Bisping last defended the title against Dan Henderson at UFC 204 in October of last year, meaning waiting for St-Pierre’s schedule would put the UFC middleweight title on ice for a year, despite the division having a plethora of deserving contenders and an uninjured champion.

That last part may not be the case anymore though. Bisping says even if the St-Pierre fight is cancelled, he still won’t be able to compete anytime soon because of a lingering knee issue he is still struggling with that would likely keep him out until later this year.

“It’s a blessing in disguise because I can’t fight anytime soon. I can’t exercise, I can’t train. My knee is giving me many, many problems. It was doing it in Thailand, it’s still getting no better. . . So long story short, what I’m getting at is I’m not going to be ready to fight anytime soon so again, that’s another reason why this plays into the perfect scenario for me.”

And as for the other fighters in the division? Bisping says he understands their complaints, but at the end of the day, he’s still planning on fight St-Pierre until officially told otherwise.

“[Rockhold] has no grounds to talk. Some people have, to be honest. Yoel’s been there for a bit now. I understand that. Robert Whittaker is there and Gegard as well but I’ve got a fight booked and until I hear anything differently from an official source, I’m expecting to fight GSP. “


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Rockhold coming at the king.

What fans? Show me them.

I genuinely don’t understand the UFC’s handling of Cyborg. Just let her fight, she’s a star.

It appears this is what will be happening.

Wonderboy is just the nicest human. Him vs. Maia would be the most gentlemanly violence ever.

Excellent fight.






Nordine Taleb (12-4) vs. Oliver Enkamp (7-0); UFC Fight Night: Stockholm, May 28.


1996: At UFC 9, Dan Severn defeated Ken Shamrock by split decision in one of the worst fights of all time. This was the first UFC event to not feature a tournament structure and the Severn-Shamrock fight was for the superfight championship. This event also saw the sole MMA bout of Olympic gold medalist Mark Schultz’s career, a TKO victory over Gary Goodridge.

2014: Bellator MMA made their debut on pay-per-view with a card featuring Quinton Jackson winning a decision over Muhammad Lawal and Will Brooks winning a split decision over Michael Chandler to become the lightweight champion.


Michael Bisping is about to get excoriated by you folks for this knee injury, methinks. What an absolutely perfect heel champion. He’s still 100% going to fight GSP which is insane and makes almost no sense for the UFC to essentially shelve one of their more compelling titles for a year to placate a guy who has in no way proven to be a PPV star. For the dominant MMA promotion on the planet, the UFC often makes absolutely baffling promotional decisions.

Oh, and basically everything from the new CSAC regs is dumb other than the same day weigh in check which is something I’ve wished we had for awhile.

That’s all for today folks. Happy Wednesday and see y’all tomorrow.

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Demetrious Johnson: MMA is the only sport in the world where the best don’t get paid the best

Demetrious Johnson sounds off on the current pay scale of MMA, particularly in the UFC. Long-time UFC flyweight champion Demetrious Johnson is currently the top pound-for-pound fighter in the world. However, it is also a known fact that he is not getting the amount of recognition that is due him.
Johnson’s tenth successful title defense against Wilson Reis last April was not even on pay-per-view. It also garnered the lowest overnight numbers on UFC on FOX’s all-time record.
Mighty Mouse recognizes the current trend in the UFC that seems to favor marquee names or celebrity figures in their own right. In a recent interview with ESPN.com, he says he was not at all surprised at how CM Punk was able to take home a fat paycheck in his Octagon debut as a fighter with a 0-0 record.
“There is not another sport in the world where you can be the best at it but not get paid the best,” Johnson said. “I never wanted to say this before, but I don’t care anymore, and it’s just facts: When [former WWE star] CM Punk [Phil Brooks] signed with the UFC, people asked me how I felt about it, and I said, ‘CM Punk will probably make more money than I do on his very first fight.’ And he did. I think his payout was $500,000.”
“I have nothing against CM Punk, but if you look at the sheer nonsense of that, it doesn’t make sense. I know you have to look at the business standpoint, that he’s going to sell a lot of tickets, but he can’t fight! That’s why I’ve said the UFC should just try to sign that ‘Cash Me Ousside’ girl, because she’ll talk sh-t and probably outsell everybody.”
With all of his grievances, Johnson has actually figured out how much he should be earning, as a fighter of his caliber.
“A long time ago, my coach Matt Hume said, ‘Any UFC champion should clear $1 million per year.’ So say I fight twice a year and my paycheck for each is $400,000. The UFC should send me a bonus at the end of the year to get me to $1 million, for being champion. I know why the UFC runs the business the way they do. I know why Conor McGregor makes a base pay of $3 million. But I think I justify my pay with my skill set, and I’ve always been willing to promote my brand.”
Johnson also clarified that while he does love fighting, he cannot say the same about the business side of the sport.
“I still love the sport. I love training every day. My relationship with the business aspect of it, how they go about putting money where, has changed. I guess I’m bothered by how fans react to certain things and how they’re interested in certain things over true talent. I’ve always appreciated talent over everything else.”
“People ask me, ‘Oh, what do you think about the Conor McGregor-Floyd Mayweather fight?’ And there are two ways to answer it. My truthful answer is that I would rather see Conor defend his UFC belt and that I don’t think him going to boxing makes any sense. I want to see him use all the skills he has, and I want to see Mayweather fight the best of his sport, like Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez or Gennady Golovkin. Another answer I could give would be, ‘F— Conor! F— Floyd! I’ll beat them both on the same night, they both suck!’ … and people would eat that up way more than a man giving his honest, truthful opinion. That’s what’s sad about this sport, and social media, today.”
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Joanna Jedrzejczyk: Ronda Rousey knows what hard work means

Joanna Jedrzejczyk defends Ronda Rousey from critics who attribute the former champion’s losses to her commitments outside of fighting. In 2015 alone, Ronda Rousey appeared in two feature films alongside some of Hollywood’s prominent names. Along with those were other commitments such as talk show appearances and photo shoots for magazine covers.
Critics believe that Rousey’s downfall that same year was due to her laundry list of commitments outside of her fighting career. However, UFC strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk disagrees.
“I know that Ronda Rousey is one of the greatest athletes in this sport. And I don’t believe that she was focused more on the movies, and the commercials (and) photo shoots, than on training,” Jedrzejczyk told MMAJunkie Radio. “I don’t believe that, because she became an Olympian medalist when she was very young, and I know that she knows what hard work means.”
“So, I don’t think people should blame her for that. It just happened. MMA is a beautiful sport, but anything can happen. One fight, one submission, can finish the fight. And the same thing could’ve happened in my last fight, or in the past, or it might happen in my next fight.”
Jedrzejczyk also recognizes that she is on a different track from Rousey, and plans to ride the wave of success in her own way.
“It’s not easy to become a UFC champion, it’s not easy to defend the title, or become a rich person, or a popular person. But the thing is to deal with it,” Jedrzejczyk said. “I hope that I’m going to stay humble. I’m going to take this seriously, because I have a good life. I have good people around me. But still, the work in the gym is the most important. Because at the end of the day, people want to see me in good shape during the fight, not on the cover of magazines, not at the commercials.”
“I want to be remembered as one of the best and greatest fighters and athletes from Poland, not as a celebrity, or person from the covers or photo shoots,” she added. “I like to do that – I like my media and sponsorship obligations, but when it’s time for it, I do this. And I believe that Ronda did this the same way. People cannot say that, because they don’t know the truth. Only she knows.”
Jedrzejczyk is coming a UFC 211 unanimous decision win over Jessica Andrade. Rousey’s future in the sport is unclear at this point, though it looks like she’s leaning towards retirement.
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The Ultimate Fighter: Redemption – Ep. 5 Recap

Another one bites the dust during the latest episode of The Ultimate Fighter: Redemption, as Team Dillashaw’s Dhiego Lima grounded Team Garbrandt’s Hayder Hassan over two rounds to keep his team undefeated for the season. The matchup came together this week because bantamweight champ Cody Garbrandt believed that Hassan had all the weapons to defeat his American Top Team teammate to finally get them on the board, but instead he now stares at an 0-5 hole against his rival TJ Dillashaw. Ahead of the fight this week, Hassan and Lima faced the reality that they would hav … Read the Full Article Here
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Rankings: Miocic, Maia and Branch on the rise

Before his record-tying title defense at UFC 211 against Junior Dos Santos, Stipe Miocic said that he couldn’t care less about his growing legacy in the sport.“If I keep winning, I’ll have a legacy,” Miocic said to MMAJunkie on May 10. “But I’m not here to make a legacy – I’m here to win.”Miocic extended his win streak to five at UFC 211 – all knockouts and the last four have come in the first round – and moved up a spot in the pound-4-pound rankings in the official UFC rankings release.In other movement on the p-4-p list, Frank … Read the Full Article Here
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The Ultimate Fighter Redemption: Ep. 5 Preview


Four fights into The Ultimate Fighter: Redemption and it’s been a shutout for Team Dillashaw after James Krause wrapped up a first-round submission over Johnny Nunez last week. With desperate times come desperate measures, so bantamweight champion Cody Garbrandt pulled a bit of a shocker when he matched up heavy-handed striker Hayder Hassan against his teammate from American Top Team, Dhiego Lima, in the next matchup. During last week’s episode, Garbrandt began gauging the remaining fighters on his team to see who was ready to step into the Octagon to hopefully stop the bl … Read the Full Article Here
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UFC names Peter Stringer Vice President of Social Media

LAS VEGASUFC today announced the appointment of Peter Stringer as the global brand’s Vice President of Social Media. Stringer brings more than 20 years of experience in digital communications, most recently spending the past 12 NBA seasons as Vice President of Digital Media with the Boston Celtics. “We’re thrilled to welcome Peter to the UFC,” UFC Chief Operating Officer Ike Lawrence Epstein said. “Peter’s overall experience and wealth of knowledge regarding the constantly evolving social media landscape, coupled with his passion for staying ahead of the cur … Read the Full Article Here
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